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List Your Greek Holiday Rental With Us

Thank you for your interest in listing your Greek holiday home with us, we know your holiday home is important to you and would love the opportunity to help you rent it out to guests looking to visit Greece.

Some of the key benefits all of our customers receive are:

  • One low annual listing fee, no commissions, no card transaction fees
  • No guest booking fees, keep all of your guests' payments
  • Regional property limits, your property will not be buried on page 10 of our search results
  • Enquiries sent direct to you, deal with them how and when you want
  • Marketing expertise, display your property to 1,000's of potential guests every month
  • Quick and easy signup and management of your listing, all done online

Read on to discover further details on the benefits you'll get by listing with us, or if you're already convinced then Jump down to the signup section below.

Annual Listing Fee & No Commissions

Back in the good old days advertising your holiday rental home was a simple and relatively low-cost task, you'd pay a reasonable annual listing fee and then deal with enquiries as they arrived. Income from bookings was yours and paid on a schedule agreed between you and the holidaymaker.

Over the past few years things have become more complicated, the major listing websites decided they wanted a bigger slice of your money and introduced commission-based advertising. Instead of an annual fee you are now charged a percentage of the booking amount, this works out to be a lot more than an annual fee.

With listing commissions of around 3% - 5% being typical, a homeowner renting out their property across a summer season could easily end up paying over £2,000 in commission fees alone. The more weeks you rent out, or the more expensive your property is, the bigger this fee can get.

You may also be forced into accepting credit card transaction fees which can effectively push commission levels up to 8 - 10% in total, potentially doubling your already high fees.

We don't think this is fair. You are the one that has purchased the property, you pay for it to be cleaned and maintained, and you pay all the associated taxes, insurance, and utilities bills. Any income generated from renting out your property should belong to you.

That's why our model is different, it's a step back to the good old days, when things were less complex and less expensive.

We charge one low annual fee which covers your property advert, no commissions, no upsells, no premium tier, just one low-cost annual fee.

No Guest Booking Fees

In an effort to extract even greater profits from you and your guests the major listing websites also introduced a guest booking fee, this can vary from 6% right up to 16%.

Whilst this isn't something you directly pay, your guests do pay it and it can add a substantial amount on to their bill.

Going back to our typical homeowners example, you might be charged £2,000 in commissions however your guests may be paying an additional £2,500 - £6,000 in booking fees to the listing sites over the course of one summer season.

If there were no guest fees then your property would be significantly cheaper for guests to book, potentially encouraging more bookings, or you could raise your prices and keep the extra income for yourself, the choice is yours.

As you may have guessed, we don't charge any guest booking fees.

Between the commission payment savings and guest fees you could have an extra £4,500 - £10,000 income boost without increasing costs for your guests.

Regional Property Limits

Another problem homeowners face when dealing with the bigger listing websites is the large amount of property's there are to compete with.

For example, let's say you have a property on the Island of Naxos, one major listing site claims to have over 1,000 properties on that island alone, another has almost 700, and a third has 500+, this makes it very difficult for your property to stand out.

To help with this we limit the number of properties listed in all towns, cities, or resorts, this really boosts the number of views our listings receive.

There has to be some balance here, we don't want to limit things too much as we want potential guests to have a great selection of properties with good availability, but we don't believe they need to wade through hundreds and hundreds of similar properties to feel like they have achieved this.

When an area gets full we will not accept any further listings until a slot becomes available, i.e. until one of our existing listings is removed.

This directly benefits you by significantly increasing the chances that your property is going to be seen and considered by our website visitors.

Enquiries Sent Directly To You

Now that many listing sites generate income by charging commissions a problem they face is ensuring they get paid for every booking. If you accept bookings over the phone or via email then how do they get their commission or guest booking fees?

When communication between a homeowner and guest happens outside of a listing sites system, it becomes easy for you to sidestep the online booking process and avoid paying the commission or guest fees.

To stop you doing this they block you from communicating directly with potential guests, often email addresses and phone numbers can't be swapped until bookings have been paid for in full, this can make vetting guests very difficult from your side.

We believe that it's your home that you are renting out so if you want to speak to your guests before accepting a booking then you should definitely be able to.

We do not block any communications and you can list your phone number and / or web address (if you have one) directly on your listing. All listings also have a contact form that is sent straight to your email address instantly and automatically.

One final note on this, we don't penalise you if you take a bit longer to respond to an enquiry, or if you don't respond at all. Some of the listing sites rank your property lower if you take a bit longer to respond to enquiries, we do not do this.

Our Marketing Expertise

This website is owned and operated by Internet marketing experts based in the UK, we have spent years establishing this website with Google and currently have top rankings for many real search terms related to Greece and villa holidays.

These rankings generate thousands of visitors to our websites every month which result in tens of thousands of page views from guests looking specifically for properties like yours.

Combined with the regional property limits we impose this results in our listings getting a lot of interest.

Quick and Easy Property Signup and Management

Listing your property is very straightforward, you simply need to create a listing through our website, write a description, and upload some photos, within a few clicks you can be live on our website and begin attracting enquiries.

Managing your property is also simple, with easy to use web pages allowing you to really personalise your property listing, update your availability calendar, and set and adjust rates whenever you want.

Everything is available for you to do online and if you need some help at any stage we are here to advise.

List Your Property Now

Hopefully we have convinced you of the benefits you'll get listing your property with us:

  • One annual fee, no commissions & no card transaction fees, save £000's per year
  • No guest booking fees, keep all of your guests' payments and potentially earn more per booking
  • Regional property limits, ensuring your property isn't buried under 100's of others
  • Enquiries sent to you, talk to guests however and whenever you want, vet your guests properly
  • Marketing expertise, instantly get your property in front of thousands of potential guests
  • Quick setup & management, super simple online property management

The price for all of this is just £195 per year.

Compared with the amount you could be saving on commissions alone makes this a steal, that's without factoring the benefit of not requiring guests to pay large booking fees.

£195 is an introductory price which we are charging for a limited time only and it will increase soon, don't worry though if you choose to list your property with us you will be covered by our price promise guarantee.

Price Promise Guarantee

Our websites have been established for many years but we have only just started to allow customers to directly list their properties.

As an introductory offer we are charging this reduced annual price, once we have our first batch of customers onboard this price will increase.

For our first customers we are making you this promise, as long as you continue to renew your property listing we will never raise the annual price you pay, you will be locked into this £195 price for as long as you remain our customer.

When our annual listing price rises for new customers you will remain on the £195 price permanently, think of it as a loyalty bonus.

Lock In Your Low Listing Price Now

To secure your listing use the button below where you be taken to our secure property setup and management website, Once there you can setup your property advert and pay for your listing.

Listing notes:

During the initial registration you will be asked to make a payment using our payment processor Stripe, this is a completely secure payment handled 100% by Stripe.

The payment will create a subscription with an annually recurring fee, you can manage your subscription and cancel it at any point via Stripe, access to do this will be available through your online dashboard on