The Weather & Climate of Greece

The cloudless sky over Santorini

The Cloudless Sky Over Santorini | Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

Greece as a whole has a typical Mediterranean style climate with hot and dry summers mixed with cooler and wet winters.

Due to the mountainous regions in the North West there is some variation in climate between regions throughout the year. These areas tend to have higher levels of rainfall and don’t achieve the hotter temperatures in the summer months experienced by other parts of the country.

Many winters also see some snowfall in these mountainous regions.

Moving further South to Athens on the mainland changes the picture somewhat. It rarely sees any rainfall, even in the winter months, and throughout the summer its average temperatures are the highest of all of Greece.

Santorini in the Cyclades Island group and Rhodes in the Dodecanese chain don’t quite reach the highs of Athens in summer however they tend to stay warmer for longer averaging 20°c well into October most years.

Likewise Crete, the largest and most southern of Greece’s popular Island resorts, tops out at an average 26°c in summer and also remains warm well into October and even November most years.

Even in the cool January and February months it still manages to average over 12°c, meaning that it really can be an all year round retreat.

When to Go

For sun worshippers then mid-July to mid-August are the times to hit the Greek Islands, with baking hot temperatures pretty much guaranteed.

For families looking for sun it may be better to head there late May to mid June, it’s still pretty hot but not so uncomfortable for smaller travellers.

It’s also worth remembering that the Islands stay hot through September as well so a later break can still offer you plenty of sun.

Even October is doable with averages of over 20°c for Rhodes & Crete making it a pleasant option to explore.

Average Sunshine Statistics


Temperatures from: Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Greece

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