Activity Holidays in Crete

Kitesurfing in Crete

Kitesurfing in Crete | Photo by Konstantin Zamkov

If you’re looking for a break with a little excitement and adventure then the Island of Crete in Greece could be just the destination for you.

There are a wide variety of different activities available to do on the island all professionally run and organised, offering a great value action packed holiday experience.

See some of our top recommendations for various land and sea based activities below.

Water Based Activities

Surfing is a popular sea based sport and Crete offers a great surfing environment for both beginners and more advanced boarders. The water is so good that Crete has even hosted the European Freestyle Pro Tour in recent years.

To learn more about the islands surfing setup and book some lessons visit Freak Surf located in Palekastro on the east side of Crete.

Kitesurfing is a mix of surfing and paragliding and is definitely for the more adventurous thrill seeker.

Luckily Crete is a great location to learn more about this sport and the Crete Kiteboarding & Paddleboarding Academy offer qualified instructors and equipment rental to introduce you to it in a safe and controlled way.

If diving is your passion then Crete also caters for you as well with some truly unique diving locations to be discovered, there is even a World War 2 Messerscmitt airplane submerged just off the shore!

Get in touch with Divers Club Crete and they can arrange lessons for new divers with equipment supplied or for the more experienced amongst you they can take you to an array of established dive sites.

Land Based Activities

For land lovers there is also a variety of adventure and slower paced activities to get involved with all conveniently located on the island.

The varied landscape of Crete offers plenty of biking and mountain biking routes to explore and exploring the island on bike can offer you a unique perspective on Crete and its culture.

Olympic Bike operate across the island and provide a professional biking experience with good quality bike rentals and experienced guides.

Tours for beginners right up to high performance athletes are catered for and they are the place to go for anyone looking for a quality biking tour experience.

As with other adventure activities it seems that Crete has something for everyone and the rock climber is certainly not left out either.

Plenty of climbing opportunities exist, one of the best places to learn about them in more depth is which offers route guidance and a popular forum for climbers to discuss the best locations and organise meet ups.

Last but not least if you are looking for a more slower paced outdoor activity then there could not be a better place for walking holidays than Crete. It has a mix of great landscapes and beautiful villages to explore with fresh mountain air and an excellent sunny climate.

A good place to start when discovering what is on offer is The Happy Walker website, they offer a range of walks and tours starting at just a day up to 10-day walking holidays. Their website is a treasure trove of Crete walking related information and is highly recommended.

As you can see there really is something for everyone in Crete, why not let us look after your holiday accommodation and then visit some of the great websites mentioned to book your next adventure holiday in Crete?

Wonderful Greece, The Perfect, Relaxing Holiday Destination

Navagio Beach, Greece

Stunning Greece, an unforgettable holiday every time

There’s no doubt about it.

Despite Greece’s recent economic struggles, it still remains one of the best places in Europe to take a relaxing ‘beach’ holiday.

With its gorgeous Mediterranean climate, postcard perfect beaches and unbelievably clear blue waters it certainly has a lot going for it as a holiday destination.

Amazing Geography

Made up of literally thousands of islands, the geography of this popular country is unmatched across Europe.

The islands of Greece are generally divided up into chains or clusters which include the Aegean, Cycladic, Dodecanese, Ionian, Saronic and the Sporades Islands being the most popular for tourist destinations.

Having such a large number of island chains means that there are plenty of different island resorts and destinations to stay in, all offering their own unique slice of Greece.

There is also mainland Greece which is home to its capital city Athens and is full of history and culture to explore.

Fantastic Climate

Greece has a traditional Mediterranean climate which means very hot summers, especially over the months of July and August, and more mild winters than is normally experience in northern European countries.

For travellers looking for their fill of sun, sea and sand then the peak summer months are the time to go.

Visitors in May, June, September or October will still catch plenty of sun although it is not usually as barmy hot which often makes for a more pleasant experience.

Superb Local Cuisine

Famed for its fresh Mediterranean style diets, traditional Greek food includes dishes like moussaka and don’t forget the popular Greek salad featuring feta cheese, olives and plenty of locally produced olive oil.

The more ‘touristy’ areas cover a wide range of culinary tastes as you would expect so you’re never far away from a quality meal no matter where you choose to stay.

You also have the legendary Ouzo drink to contend with which is an aniseed flavoured spirit that’s very popular throughout Greece.

A Holiday to Remember

Greece really is the holiday destination to remember when you’re planning your next jaunt.

Don’t let its economic problems put you off, the wide variety of islands and resorts to visit combined with its appealing landscape and climate make Greece a perfect location for anyone looking for a relaxing break.